So, it was a cold night in January ... or maybe February ... and myself and good friend Delbert Dean Shoopman III (who was in town from LA) went out with a group to a local watering hole here in Brooklyn (known as Alligator Lounge, where you get FREE PIZZA with every beer, wtf?!?).

Following many a beer (and PIZZA!) I was regaling him with the tale of my previous night, in which I had been up very late watching Michael Jordan videos from 1996. It made me feel so awesome deep down inside ... like it was Sunday afternoon, and I was 14, sipping on a milkshake and watching my fav team play. That Jordan-fest lurched into a 4 am search for Primal Rage videos, and countless other mid-90s stuff.

I realized then, that it wasn't specifically Jordan or Primal Rage videos I was searching for ... it was 1996 ... the feeling of being in 1996 ...the intangibles of that year fascinated me, but getting bogged down in the specifics and having to make CHOICES eventually spoiled my quest.

As I was lost, in the mists of time, Del broke me out of my ponderous silence and said "DUDE! THAT SHOULD BE A WEBSITE!!" I said "YES!" he said "YES!" - and then we probably high 5'ed.

We drew some stuff out on a napkin, and after months adding nearly 4,000 videos (and an amazing design from Andrew, and genius code from Aaron), YTTM.TV was born.


So, I never meant to launch this thing. I just posted a preview link on my blog and within an hour it had over 200 notes. We went on to over A MILLION PAGEVIEWS and 100,000 visitors in the first 4 days it was posted and passed around. Roger Ebert even tweeted about us. As of Sept. 28th, we're already at 5.3 MILLION VIDEO PAGES SERVED. Crazy!

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Special thanks to our dedicated YTTM admins:

  • JALsnipe (Josh) our dedicated intern
  • Jeremy Duncan
  • Luke Johnson
  • Michael Newman
  • Tazar